Dr. Tae Yun Kim, founder and CEO of Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions, best-selling author, TV personality, motivational speaker, the world’s highest ranked Ki energy Martial Arts Master, and recipient of countless awards defies any categorization, stereotypes, or anything predictable or typical.

She is a unique person with distinctive characteristics.  “You are one of a kind” is one of her sayings, and with her trademark motto of “HE CAN DO, SHE CAN DO, WHY NOT ME,” over and over again, she challenges the norm and achieves the impossible.

Each year, she doesn’t just celebrate her birthday with a party. She raises awareness and fights for a cause.  For her recent birthday, Dr. Kim had just learned about the evils of sex trafficking and how children as young as 8 years old are being used and sold as sex slaves.

Dr. Tae Yun Kim celebrated her 70th Birthday with a fundraiser for Redemption Ridge, a nonprofit whose mission is to bring hope and healing to the rescued victims of sex trafficking.


The night was filled with entertainment and love as people gave from their hearts to support this noble cause.

The Jung SuWon Can Do Martial Art Demonstration team gave a rousing performance that had the audience standing and cheering.

Musicians who recently escaped from North Korea drove over 15 hours from Southern California to attend the event in Medford, Oregon and entertained the audience with their violin, piano and cello arrangements.

Dr. Kim successfully raised $60,000 with 100% of the donations going directly to Redemption Ridge


Honoring Our Heroes – Korean War Veterans

Dr. Tae Yun Kim was only 5 years old when the Korean War broke out. She has tremendous gratitude towards the U.S. Armed Forces who came to her country and small village in Gimcheon and saved herself and her village.

In conjunction with the Korean American Journalists Association, Dr. Kim and TYK Foundation held an event to honor 11 Korean War veterans.

Along with the Korean Consul General of San Francisco, Dr. Kim presented medals that were forged from pieces of the steel fence at the DMZ that separates North and South Korea as well as a special Can Do Spirit award from TYK Foundation.

IMG_3860 - Medals 4x6

These Korean War veterans experienced the harsh conditions of a Korean winter, the intense fighting on various hills, and life threatening situations over and over again.

Dr. Tae Yun Kim always remembers how the G.I.s would drive through her village and toss candies and other goodies to the village kids. She has endearing memories of the U.S. Armed Forces and is eternally grateful for all soldiers, active and retired.

Save the Children

TYK Foundation and the Jung SuWon Martial Art Academy held a fantastic fundraiser to help the Save the Children Foundation’s special funds for the children victims of the Japan Tsunami and the Southern U.S. Tornadoes!  Special guests actress Lee Meriwether, U.S. Congressman Mike Honda, the Korean Consul General from San Francisco, His Grace, Michael Schmickrath, Duke of Gardham and many more joined over 800 people to witness amazing martial art demonstrations from Black Belts and Masters from around the world.  We also had a Black Belt Testing for 5 warriors from ages 13 to 46.  It was a night to remember!